is my email all i need on my business cards?

Time to read: 2 minutes

I’m tired of my current business cards, because they have nothing to do with business.

I have had moo minicards for a good 3 or 4 years.

On them, i share my mobile numbers in the UK and Greece (i don’t fancy printing two versions), website URL, twitter handle, email, and my name.

Nothing about what i do professsionally, nothing very memorable aside from using a photo of something i have made (dress, painting, sketch) on the back.

For a long time, i have been thinking that i would really like to have some cards with less personal information, and more about what i do. So here is a sketch.


The colour used is a close approximation (in the paper app by 53) of my “signature colour”, a dark blue-ish turquoise, which i also use on my website. In the real card the colour would be flat, not wishy-washy.

I have toyed with the idea of using my email to show both my name and blog URL. Wonder if that works.

Then used a separate spot for contact details like phone or twitter. In part because that is what i expect people to use most.

The back of the card sort of mentions what i do.

Of course the what i do part is slightly in flux at the minute and i think the website is going to require a spot of redesigning with a focus on storytelling. But i have some sketches for that. I’ll share them soon, promise!

The only thing missing is a reference to things I make or photographs I take. I may have to incorporate that somehow. Maybe like this. The image would be tiny though. I’m not convinced.


I have never felt the need for a logo, as I rather enjoy being myself. I do not need a company to hide behind. So i am choosing to use a signature colour instead as my personal brand. Luckily, I am not aware of anyone using the colour for anything. I hope it stays that way, because I love it.

Thoughts? Opinions? Preferences?
Is the name/email/url combo confusing for you?
Would the photograph be pointless if it’s so small?

I’d love to know what you all think.