sketchbook Mondays – laptop work bag

Time to read: < 1 minute

A sketch for a handbag inspired by Longchamp’s simple pliage “H” base pattern.

Carries laptop in the centre, notebook, kindle, ipad in the “back”, and cables and other tidbits in the front.

Handles would be wide for comfort. Longchamp’s laptop bags, to my surprise, value aesthetics over usability and persist in having stringy painful straps.

Would also have an outer pocket and key leash, which aren’t drawn in.

Would be carried exclusively on the shoulder, unless i create a hybrid set of handles with a buckle that allows two shorter handles to join up and become one long handle. Or add hoops and a long handle.

To be debated once i create and trial the prototype.
Very likely to happen this week, as I need a laptop bag.


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