Sanguine, by Jacques Prévert. And some Paris photos!

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As an apology for missing my blogging schedule, and seeing as I am in Paris… And too tired and busy to manage to write a real blog post this week… I’m copping out.

I’m going to share one of my favourite poems.

A “tasting party” at a friend’s place reminded me of the fruit “sanguine” (blood orange). And a craft idea (illustrations on silk scarves, with writing) somehow brought it back to life in my mind, as i’d handwritten and illustrated it in my sketchbook in 1998. I no longer have access to the sketchbook. But here is the poem.

You’ll have to find your own translation, i’m afraid. I wouldn’t be able to do it justice!

Jacques Prévert – Sanguine

La fermeture éclair a glissé sur tes reins
Et tout l’orage heureux de ton corps amoureux
Au beau milieu de l’ombre
A éclaté soudain
Et ta robe en tombant sur le parqué ciré
N’a pas fait plus de bruit
Qu’une écorce d’orange tombant sur un tapis
Mais sous nos pieds
Ses petits boutons de nacre craquaient comme des pépins
Joli fruit
La pointe de ton sein
A tracé une nouvelle ligne de chance
Dans le creux de ma main
Joli fruit
Soleil de nuit.

photos de promenade à Paris dans le 8ème arr.

And a few photos of my dinner-hunting walk in Paris, after work. Beautiful city!!

My hotel is near Madeleine, in the 8th arrondissement, and i walked until the Opéra (10min?) before sitting down to eat and then heading back.

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