#sketchbookMondays – sketchnotes from behavioural boozenomics

Time to read: < 1 minute

There is a behavioural economics meetup in London that has been running for two years now.

Last week, i went to their two year anniversary event. They had a lecture / interview with George Loewenstein and Rory Sutherland. More details on Nathalie’s RSA blog. I don’t know Nathalie. But I do think I met her on the evening. She was lovely!

In keeping with tradition, here are my unedited notes. They are mostly snippets of conversation or topics i want to look up later.

One article of Rory Sutherland’s in the Spectator was mentioned. Why don’t americans have kettles? Just read it today, thought it made an amusing and valid point. Maybe you should read it too.



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