Linear Calendar 2019

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Every January, I get an email from at least one person in the world asking me if I’ll do the Linear Calendar again. Of course I will! I need it too!! :)

The original Linear Calendar, launched in 2015, is precisely laid out to be printed on three sheets of A4 and stuck together to form a long poster on the wall.

It’s designed to be that size so that when you stand reading-distance away, the entire year fits in your field of vision.

Since creating it, I have used it myself on every single project I have run. I print the calendar on one sheet of A4, so I can have the entire year on one page in my notebook, and there I add launch dates, workshop dates, research weeks, holidays… the whole shebang. And that’s how my projects take shape. Once you see deadlines and launch dates in linear time and add in holidays, planning starts to happen, whether you want to or not. Because you can see the weeks. How much time is left. And that shit becomes real.

But creating that strip was always annoying, because I had to cut and stick the panels of the Linear Calendar together.

So for the first time, I made a one-page printout for 2019!

So you can now print this on one page like a poster, in any size you like, or in three panels (A4 recommended).

Download Linear Calendar in A4 pdf
Download Linear Calendar in Poster PDF

I personally will be printing the poster version on A3 for projects (most likely) and on A4 to stash in my Bullet Journal.

Have fun planning 2019!

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