Sketchbook Mondays: prototyping an A5 folio

Time to read: 2 minutes

This weekend, i noticed that i was going to interviews a lot. I mean quite a lot. Three a week? Maybe that was just a one time thing. Anyway. So it occurred to me that maybe i should get myself a nice present. A nice leather present. Maybe the kind that zips up, contains my notebook, and the iPad, pens and stylus.

So of course I went to Smythson, where I found this for £335.


And then I dropped into Harrod’s, where only one design stood out. It was too small and all plastic, but a good design. (It’s by Ted Baker and barely £30)


Later, pausing for coffee, I stole a page off my partner’s notebook and pocketmodded it. Then i doodled my prototype ideas into it, as if it actually was a folio, in miniature.

I made two versions of the outside and inside. Photos below.







I then bought some leather and (just today, on zippers, and am probably going to blog about it on seamstress sophie as i work through it. Total spend so far: £73.

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