Linear calendar for 2017!

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Download the 2017 Linear Calendar

Here it is, a few weeks late, but brought back to life for two simple reasons:

  1. I ran out of the last one
  2. A friend who uses my linear calendar to plan for her business asked me for the next one!

To use it, print on any printer that prints on A4. Three pages should come out. They need to be stuck together to form a banner. There is a small illustration in the bottom right corner of each page to show what that page’s position on the 3-page banner should be.

I personally use my linear calendar with these muji sticky tabs.

The large ones for when I go on weekly holidays, because they are precisely 5cm long.

The small ones for important events that last one day, because they are precisely 1cm wide, the same as 1 day on the Linear Calendar ruler!

When I first made the linear calendar in 2015, I first made it by hand on paper. So I’d made each day to be 1cm because it was easy. Then I used it for a bit, to see what I might need to change before releasing it (standard iterative design procedure), and realised how well the muji post-its fit! This is why I kept the measurement even in the digitally-made version. Obviously, if you print this on A3 (you could), you’ll be able to use larger post its :)

Enjoy using your Linear Calendar for 2017!

Download the 2017 Linear Calendar

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