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For Chief Product Officers and CEOs

I can help you set a vision with your product team, based on data and qualitative research. As an expert facilitator, I will get you to co-create this as a team, creating buy-in from every stakeholder who is present.

How does this work

Uncover opportunities

line drawing of a service blueprint template with customer experience, internal process, and technology layers.
Useful when a company would like to improve, but don’t feel they know all the issues or the root causes of them.

How we proceed: We Map out the service as experienced by customers and staff, and once that is revealed and visualised, we can use the Service Blueprint to identify opportunities and improvements we could explore.

Typical runtime: From a one-day bash to skim the surface and choose where to dive next, to a six week discovery to dive into the entire experience down to the last email and tweet interaction in the customer lifecycle.

Outcomes: everyone in the workshops is invested in finding the issues and their solutions. The view of the problem is wide (end to end) and deep (from experience down to data), and can be easily seen by everyone. Getting alignment on what to tackle next becomes easier in the company. And unknown issues and their root causes surface once the big diagram is visible by everyone. It is a very inclusive way to start a transformation.

Evaluate concepts to minimise risk

Useful when there are a lot of possible solutions to a problem, and we want to have more certainty on which one to invest in.

How we proceed: Using a combined analysis of a survey, social media sentiment analysis, focus groups, and interviews, with the support of prototypes for each of the concepts, we help decide which of up to 12 concepts (products or services) would be most likely to a) benefit your audience b) what would need to change for them to be more likely to be adopted c) best align to your corporate strategy d) are feasible technically and with what timeline.

Typical runtime: In four weeks we can test up to 12 high-level concepts in “micro-story” prototype format and identify the ones most likely to succeed. In eight weeks we can test up to 4 partially evolved product concepts using click-through prototypes. In 12 weeks we can test 4 concepts, and do one cycle of design iterations on the two most successful ones.

Outcomes: Budget can be released to invest in the concepts most likely to succeed, as evaluated scientifically, rather than on a whim. Risk of failure is significantly reduced.

Define a product vision and roadmap aligned to company strategy

Useful when a company wants to develop its product, but isn’t sure what happens next, or how to devise a roadmap for getting to an outcome.

How we proceed: This is a three-pronged endeavour, involving internal strategy and vision, external competition, and uncovering user needs through discovery, all of which is done collaboratively in a series of 4hr-6hr workshops.

Typical runtime: 3-7 weeks depending on company.

Outcomes: Buy-in from everyone involved. Clarity of vision and consensus in the executive and leadership teams. A roadmap that everyone in the company can work from to shape the future of the products.

For Design Practitioners: Design Counselling

For designers and researchers who are feeling isolated, overwhelmed, uncertain, or just find themselves wondering “is this right?” a few too many times in a week: let’s talk about it.

This is the service I am offering. Listening, validation, as well as expert advice and coaching if you need those too. Having led high performing design teams for eight years, five of those at BCG (Boston Consulting Group, one of the Big Three management consulting firms) and helped people grow, I can help you find your stable footing in whatever stormy work seas you may be navigating. You’ll always step away heard, and with immediately actionable steps you can take.

How this works

  • Free introductory 30-min session to see if we are a good fit.
  • Format: 45-90 min sessions (online or in-person).
  • How to book: Message me to schedule a session.

Let’s talk strategy over coffee or lunch!

I’ll always make time for a coffee ☕️ if you’re curious about what a human-centred approach can do for your company.

If what you need is not within my skillset, I’ll refer you to someone else or leave you with a short plan of action.

If you want a copy of my CV, portfolio, or have a question about life, the universe, and everything, the easiest way to reach out is on Linked in: http://uk.linkedin.com/in/eurydice13, but you can also use the contact form below.

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I am available for independent consulting work.

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