Wanderlust: Barcelona’s Architecture

Time to read: 5 minutes I had been wanting to visit Barcelona since 1999-2000, when I took an architecture course and discovered Art Nouveau housing and the work of Gaudí. That dream finally came true after so many years thanks to a contract ending a bit early, my partner having a few days of holiday he couldn’t carry over, and […] continue reading »

#sketchbook Mondays – a sketch from a Horst P. Horst photo

Time to read: < 1 minute I went to the Horst P. Horst exhibit at the V&A the other week. My favourite photograph of his was one of the Odalisque, which was impossible to find in postcards or booklets. This one, the famous corset one that made the cover of Vogue was another one I rather liked. This Sunday, I used […] continue reading »

7 with 7, and other instagram statistics

Time to read: 2 minutes I’ve been so terrible at writing blog posts, and I love taking photos. I’m still doing my one photo a day project, and I thought a small retrospective on that topic could be interesting. This is all happening on instagram. (the photos in the header of this page? They’re from my instagram feed!) What do […] continue reading »

do I really need a photo for Linked in?

Time to read: 4 minutes So last week I was kindly requested to take photographs of some of our senior executives, so they could update their various online profiles, both internal and external. I brought my camera in and diligently grabbed a series of portraits. I then cleaned them up, worked some Picasa magic (we don’t have Photoshop here), cropped, […] continue reading »

my first digital camera… isn’t a sony*

Time to read: 3 minutes So I bought a camera. The first camera I ever bought. * anyone alive in the 80’s will get the joke. And if not: wikipedia it. it all started with a photo hunt A few weeks ago, some photographically-minded friends of The Man suggested a photo hunt. This differs from a scavenger hunt in that […] continue reading »

I may have found a camera!

Time to read: 3 minutes As the title of the post says, I may have found a camera!!! it all started with a photo hunt This weekend, The Man and a friend of his decided to go photo hunting. There was a lengthy debate about where to go, and we ended up in various lobbies of British heritage, from the […] continue reading »

What is this **/365 #365 thing I do?

Time to read: < 1 minute I’ve been asked a couple of times what this “365” thing I do is. And in short it’s just a “one photo a day” project. I’m not sure when or where I came across it. I think it was on flickr. The original project called for a self-portrait every day, but I couldn’t manage that. […] continue reading »

background for your twitter using instagram photos

Time to read: < 1 minute I won’t take the credit for this. I saw someone mentioning it. @themattelliott to be specific. The gist of it is that there is a little website which will take instagram photos (yours, someone else’s, from a tag, etc…) and generate a background image for you which you can stick onto twitter. This is what […] continue reading »

the UX of photography: how am I going to choose a camera?

Time to read: 3 minutes I’ve been wanting a “real” camera for a long time, and now that I am dating an amateur photographer and camera collector (when you have more than half a dozen cameras, you’ve got a collection, chéri), my lack of equipment is made apparent on a semi-daily basis. I own a Rollei 35S which is in […] continue reading »