Bullet Journal layout prototyping and planning

Time to read: 2 minutes I have been journaling since I could hold a pen, and doing some variant of Bullet Journaling since discovering it maybe five or six years ago. I even started a Bullet Journal Addicts meetup in London (https://www.meetup.com/bujo-addicts/) so I could share what I am doing with like-minded people and see how they worked too. At […] continue reading »

Wanderlust: Athens

Time to read: 3 minutes You don’t have to only go to Greece in the summer. I mean… it’s AWESOME in the summer. Especially if you like spending time on a beach to read, listen to music, play some tavli (backgammon in them foreign parts), drink cold coffee, and swim. But if you’re not into any of those things, then […] continue reading »

life drawing Tuesday #sketches for #sketchbookMondays

Time to read: 3 minutes Drawing is my meditation. Looking at a human (preferably undressed) for a long period of time and tracing their body onto paper is the only time when my brain quiets down and I take a break from thinking.  When you draw, you cannot think. You must only see. It’s a wonderful feeling, especially for someone […] continue reading »

heated shrug for the modern office #crazyideas

Time to read: 2 minutes Ever find yourself freezing in the office? I do. Aircon is brutal. These days, I am sat right in the firing range of not one, but two aircon units, both aimed at my right arm. The one behind me is lethal: when it goes polar, I shiver, wrap myself in my scarf, put my coat […] continue reading »

#sketchbook Mondays – a sketch from a Horst P. Horst photo

Time to read: < 1 minute I went to the Horst P. Horst exhibit at the V&A the other week. My favourite photograph of his was one of the Odalisque, which was impossible to find in postcards or booklets. This one, the famous corset one that made the cover of Vogue was another one I rather liked. This Sunday, I used […] continue reading »

Forget the jetpack. Where is my idea-to-blog app?

Time to read: 4 minutes Forget the jetpack. Where is my idea-to-blog app? Seriously. What does it take to note, write, edit, and publish in one place? And why is it so hard to write away from a computer? I don’t have the time to write anymore. And I think that tech is partially responsible for this, as I am […] continue reading »

Venezia: my place out of time

Time to read: 6 minutes I did not read. I took photos instead. A lot of photos. Last month, I went to Venice (for the third time). I went with The Man, who finally said that Venice “exceeded [his] expectations”. This isn’t something I’ll hear often, especially not about holidays. San Marco The most famous thing about Venice is St […] continue reading »