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Was there for a small event just this evening.

It seems that London bridge being in the old City of London, real estate
was quite precious. Restaurants in chinatown have larger stalls in the bathrooms!

The meeting room we were in was small, but nicely lit, which was critical given the absolute lack of windows.
Things is…. going downstairs to it felt like going to some hidden
basement. There was a fire door we had to go through, and the staircase
was rather small, making for a somewhat… constricted passage. Now I’m a
uk size 10 (that’s on the smaller side of the spectrum), and I found it
a little bit cramped. I suppose I don’t do well with basements.

Staff were lovely, the sandwiches… well a bit ungenerous (teeny tiny
-single- slice of ham), but it was a nice venue. Fresh, clean, new. So
I’d happily go again. But I’d hope that maybe I’d end up in a conference
room on the -1 basement level, instead of -2. Or perhaps a hotel room?
But why would anyone want to sleep next to London Bridge station? Can’t
be peaceful!

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