Qype: Abyssanto Villas in Santorin

Time to read: 2 minutes

A series of small houses, without kitchenette, in a field near the coastal road running on the back of the island. This is a quiet road. Clean and economical, especially if you need to fit a car into your budget for getting to beaches, other towns or archaeological sites. Also, Hostelbay and its unique ferry passes will make an unforgettable holidays for any budget.

Has a tv, aircon, and fridge. The “minibar” has logical prices, barely 10-20 cents higher than the “periptero” prices. Very economical, and very close to Oia (5-10min drive).

Bad: The owner wasn’t
particularly welcoming. Quite the opposite, in fact. Asking for a double room seemed to upset him, and he reluctantly and fussily gave us one because I offended him by asking for rope to tie the single beds together… (He never believed me that I wasn’t kidding and had done this on at least 3 other occasions) I got the distinct impression that if he didn’t care about TripAdvisor reviews, he might have been much less accommodating. Also, reception is only open 8:00-20:00, so bear it in mind if arriving late. And the one maid of the small complex can wield keys or make you a coffee while you wait for the owner to appear on the phone or in person for any other requests, or to take your details. So budget adequate time for checking in.

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