Sketchbook Monday! Indestructible travel card holders, free to test!

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Ok. So maybe not “indestructible”. But if you use one of my travel card holders and it falls apart (you know, how the plastic ones do?) within a year of purchase, i’ll make you an identical new one for free! Yes, this applies to sit-on-it-daily young men too. No guarantees on the cards contained though!

If you opt for the rip-stop canvas one, guarantee extends to two years.

I’m slightly overpromising here, as I’ve only made two holders in my life. A quick and dirty v.1 prototype, and a v.2 iteration with improvements. Both are made in ripstop canvas, and refusing to look anything but cool and grungy and solid.

three scenarios’ the charm!

Two weeks ago, while paying for a pub lunch with colleagues, one of the guys noticed my little holder. He loved it and would happily buy one if they were on sale as he uses the format constantly, and has to replace it every month or so. Last week, another friend made the exact same comment. Uses it a lot, but it falls apart. Two days ago, rewind, play. Another friend. Railcard holder this time. Similar destructive scenario. Seamstress Sophie had to step in…

Therefore, a decision has been reached and is now being made public. I will be making travel card holders in three formats “solo”/”Mayfair”, “twosome”/”London” and “threesome”/”Surrey”. You can suggest other names in the comments.

Materials will involve leather or ripstop canvas for the outer, and fabric for the inner pockets, because leather would make it too thick. No plastic.

When will these be available? Ummm… I’m not sure. I will aim to make a few prototypes for people to test for me during October.

I already have three volunteers, and would love 2 more. Ideally, one would be a woman, so I can get more feedback on the handbag-fishing scenario. Leave a comment if you’re interested and I’ll get back to you!

Here are the sketches.



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