Linear Calendar 2024

Time to read: 2 minutes

To think, I had started thinking of building this back in November… how is it already April May? (Also seems I forgot to post for nearly a month! Argh! The most probable « why » is at the bottom of this post as a small life update)

Well no sense waiting any longer.

Tape version of the linear calendar

Poster version of the linear calendar

3-page printable version

Page 1/3

Page 2/3

Page 3/3

As for why I did not share this earlier?

I’ve been in an exhausting and fully absorbing health black hole. My hormones were failing me, exhausting every physical and mental molecule of energy I had, removing my confidence, my ability to think, to string a sentence together (the way I am used to doing), and to remember things. I wish I were kidding, but I am not. So there we are.

In April I turned 45, nearly two years (I think) after hitting perimenopause, and about six months after the debilitating symptoms started. I was finally told which hormones to take by a gynaecologist IN GREECE (the NHS failed to provide this)! My life has changed in barely 20 days of taking them. And now I can post.

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