Flat-hunting: i quit (for now)

Time to read: 2 minutes yet another flat Last night i saw YAF (yet another flat). In fairness, a house. The very large double room was really nice. I’m talking good furniture, space, light green walls, space, south-facing windows, space,… The five housemates lovely. And, most importantly, all of my things would have fit!! yet another no So of course, […] continue reading »

Qype: The Ebury in London

Time to read: < 1 minute The rabbit did it. No, really! There’s a rabbit sitting on the bar, and he did it! He made me order the bloody mary, and the delicious (they must have been fresh) squid, and the steak. yummm…. steak… Although, to be fair, I’m not sure I’d recommend the steak. I think they got my order […] continue reading »

Qype: Gaucho in Richmond

Time to read: < 1 minute Richmond – Eating & Drinking – Restaurant – Steak Houses A well-kept secret, Richmond’s edition of the popular Gaucho has perched itself just by the waterside, under a massive oak tree (is it an oak tree? My herbology isn’t up to scratch). It has lovely seating both indoors and outdoors, with wall-to-wall windows making a […] continue reading »