Technical documentation

I wrote a set of user manuals for Supply Insights’ series of applications. I also advised them on usability issues with their web-based products. This was contractual work. The manuals were distributed in PDF format, and later an online version was also made available to users.

Authored an administrator’s configuration manual which was task-oriented, for configuring an application that ran on EJBs. I also configured that application for 2 clients, TIM and Vodafone. Also wrote and programmatically embedded contextual help for this “configurator” application. This was one of the projects I worked on while at IDEAL Systems.

Wrote a user manual for a web-based payroll application during my tenure at 3sixty group. This was based on close observation of current expert users, and was subsequently distributed to new hires. It is still in use to this day, and greatly simplified the lives of the managers of the payrolling division, while substantially accelerating staff training times.

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