Interactive ceramics

Time to read: 2 minutes

My friend found a ceramics workshop at the V&A.

Turns out we cast a few clay things in molds, and were shown all sorts of ways to turn them into interactive objects.

The only thing we were given was an RFID tag, so I decided to make a page it could take you to and that page would show the workshop. (This is the page, you’re reading it now)

Ooops! One cat is missing its legs!
The other object I managed to get a mold of was a tin can. Cat on a hot tin can?

If you scan the RFID sticker, you end up on this page. I have. No idea if I will be able to place it (or even take the cat tin home, as it’s still ozzing liquid clay out of the tin butt.

My best friend getting 3D scanned!
All the technologies that were mentioned

Instructor was Ingrid Murphy.

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