Linear Calendar 2021

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Linear Calendar turns 6!

I started the Linear Calendar in 2015, so this year it turns 6!!

Six is also the number of people who contact me every year asking me if I’m making a new edition… usually around late January, because I have been lazy. Except this year. Somehow, this year, I sat down on the first of January and put the linear calendar together… even though last year’s goes all the way into February.

I wasn’t sure how much I would get to use it in 2020, given that all personal plans were scuppered in early March, but it turns out that I mostly use it to plan projects at work now, and it is invaluable for that.

In case it is unclear, the black rectangles mark weekends, and the hatched ones bank holidays in the UK. Erratum: I forgot to mark the January 3rd 2022 Bank Holiday. I’ll try to add a fixed version soon.

Here are your downloads!

PNG works better in miro

You can shove the PNG into miro, clone it and crop it to form one long strip to make a project calendar. You can do this manually from one image, which helps miro only save one image, and since every project will run for a different length, it laziest to let you do the cropping yourselves.

This is what it can look like:

To grab the PNG for miro and other image-friendly uses, click the image below to open it full size.
Linear calendar 2021 as PNG image click to open

Have fun!

If you want to see the first version including the paper prototype of the linear calendar, it is in the original post:

And let me know in the comments, by mentioning me on twitter or on instagram how you use it :)

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