And then there was Prezi

Time to read: < 1 minute

I’m sure you’ve heard of Prezi. If you hadn’t until this week, then perhaps this lovely one about the US elections will have caught your eye.

What makes prezi cool

  • Nice flow to items shown, making it incredibly refreshing compared to slide decks, a legacy of the sixties
  • Easy to embed PDFs, images, etc…
  • Zooming into documents / photos / text is possible, easy, and encouraged
  • There’s a heavy emphasis on telling a complete story, having a thread, which can be forgotten when working with other tools

Where prezi fails

  • You need to know the whole story (or most of it) before you start creating it
  • Jumping around items while spinning, zooming and so on can make your audience dizzy
  • Your presentations reside in the public cloud unless you buy the desktop edition
  • You need to be online to create anything, unless you pay for the desktop edition

So why do people keep using it? I guess we’re all pretty tired of PowerPoint, really. It’s time for a new storytelling paradigm.

Try it and let me know how it goes:

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