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    More of a blogger than a writer, this is the collection where I share tips, styles, stories, and more. Where I write about writing.

    I promise not to read…

    by  • 8 May 2014 • Books, Controversial topics, Creativity, Drawing, from my notebook, Places to see, Recommendations, Writing • 0 Comments

    I read a lot. I am always reading. Street signs, menus, books on the tube, magazines with my coffee, newspaper headlines as i pass a newsstand. I am a reader.  My favourite escape and one of my favourite pastimes in life is to expose my brain to new experiences, information, emotions and ideas, using...

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    The ethics of web design: do we have any?

    by  • 20 March 2014 • Controversial topics, Personal branding, Randomness, Social media, UX & Design, Writing • 5 Comments

    What makes someone an expert? A wise woman once told me that you are an expert “when others come to you for answers”. Well. It does take a little bit more: such as the ability to answer questions, repeatedly, correctly, memorably. There is a requirement to educate, surprise and spread knowledge and skills. Do...

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