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    I am shameless in saying that I am PowerPoint queen. If I can’t do it in PowerPoint, it can’t be done. Humble? Not in this. I have seen horrors, fixed them, and taught plenty of people “how to fish”. These posts are all about building better presentations, and using Microsoft’s best product in the most efficient way.

    who are you calling “extrovert”? The (colourful) secret to faking it in a world gone loud.

    by  • 17 April 2014 • Creativity, Personal branding, Presentations, Stories • 0 Comments

    Before discovering the internet, I was the quiet child who didn’t ask a single question in 13 years of schooling. Ok. Maybe one or two questions. I dreaded being called to the board to solve things, despite being good at it. I just hated being in the spotlight. And now, I’m talking to you...

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    Dinah Casson #talkingInteriors lecture at RCA – Notes #madewithpaper

    by  • 21 March 2014 • Creativity, from my notebook, London, Places to see, Presentations, Stories • 0 Comments

    Last night, I went to a lecture by Dinah Casson, of Casson-Mann, given at the RCA in Kensington. The gist of it was “think about the users”, and “they come to relax, learn, be surprised, laugh, cry, and leave as changed people”. Casson Mann design museums and exhibitions. If you made it to the...

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    how I learnt to stop worrying and love talking to strangers

    by  • 1 November 2013 • Creativity, London, Personal branding, Presentations, Social media, Stories, Writing • 0 Comments

    Today I attended a conference run by Digital Doughnut. I knew they did digital, I knew they were related to marketing, and I did meet people who worked in the field. But what blew my mind was the stories, backgrounds and odd serendipities (is that a word?) that brought them to marketing in the...

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    Want to manipulate PDFs?

    by  • 14 December 2012 • Presentations, Tech • 0 Comments

    Most of you will not know the amazing PDF Toolkit (pdftk) It is a command prompt tool that allows you to manipulate PDF documents. rotate them, join two together, extract some pages, delete pages, etc… So, what could be better than PDFtk? PDFtk4all: A context menu for windows (windows shell extension, if you want...

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