About Sophie

I’m Sophie and help create great digital products.

I lead design strategy and product development, with a focus on user experience. I work incredibly well as an interpreter between business leaders and development teams, while safeguarding the best interests of the customers.

I specialise in UX

This means I obsess about how and why people do / use / understand things; from mobile applications to doorknobs.

This has lead me to follow user-centred design principles, work as a User eXperience Architect, use Information Architecture to structure content, design books, adverts, and other things for publishing, design for the web, coach senior executives on using Social Media, help small businesses with branding, and read a bookshelf (or three) of psychology, cognitive science, neuroscience and behavioural economics books. I am currently exploring the nearby area of “Service Design”, and my most recent role is as Head of UX in a financial services company.

I love…

the projects I can foster from an idea to a finished product, and watch someone using it in real life.

I am told that I don’t look like…

a geek. I have a technical background, with a B. Eng. in Computer Engineering. I’ve forgotten more maths than the average person ever learns, and I used to love designing digital and analog circuits. I will always love STEM fields. If you’re working with our next generation and want a friendly human techie for them to meet, please get in touch.

I cannot stop…

Designing handbags and dresses, categorising and restructuring information, and writing. Oh. And talking to strangers on twitter. I do a lot of that.

why “UX Architect”?

My choice of UX “Architect” is deliberate, and based on how a website or application is a bit like a house.

The Engineer is an expert at how best to build a house so it will stand, the Architect understands how it will be used, and by whom, so he can create all the necessary spaces and he’ll make a prototype so everyone can see what they’re working towards and agree it, and the Designer gives it personality and refines certain presentational and interactive details.

Obviously, the best real estate – digital or physical – is built by teams of all three disciplines who start working together with the people who will use the space as early as possible in the project.

what I believe in

In no particular order: Being on time; Equal opportunity; Pay parity; Doing things right and doing the right thing (not always the same); Using fountain pens; Learning new things; Doodling; Reading; Looking out the window; Not wearing headphones so you can hear the waves lapping at the beach; Making things with one’s hands; Sticking by your decisions (unless you come to realise they were stupid); Researching anything well before committing to it (from a book to a job); Being proud of the work I do; Sharing the knowledge I have collected; Loving like you’ve never been hurt; Being silly; Leading by example; Laughing; Getting up to dance even if the song is crap; Letting go of the things you no longer need; Being prepared for the future, even if that is just by carrying an umbrella for the afternoon’s rain; Sitting in the sun; Smelling the roses; Giving of yourself generously; Writing; Actively making the world a better place, one smile at a time; Drawing by hand; Conversations; Art as healing; Art as inspiration; Fashion as Art; Technology being simple.

Contact me / CV / portfolio

If you want a copy of my CV, portfolio, or have a question about life the universe and everything, this is where you can ask. If you’re an amateur linguist like me, feel free to write in English, French, Greek, or Italian.

Alternatively, you can also read about my work experience on Linked in: http://uk.linkedin.com/in/eurydice13