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    This blog runs on WordPress. Several other blogs of mine run on WordPress. I have done WordPress installations for friends’ companies. It’s my favourite CMS (Content Management System) and sometimes I write about my experiences with it.

    you are kindly invited to sponsor my amazon addiction (or how I added a paypal “donate” button to my wordpress blog)

    by  • 11 July 2013 • html - css, WordPress • 0 Comments

    I have just started working as a freelancer, and intend to continue blogging and expanding my knowledge. Sadly, both of these pursuits, while extremely pleasant, are lucrative for amazon and bring me nothing more than joy. So I’ve decided, a bit belatedly, to add a paypal “donate” button to my blog for anyone who...

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    WordPress success of the day

    by  • 25 December 2012 • Tech, UX & Design, WordPress • 0 Comments

    It’s been a short while that I discovered that two of my WordPress installs had gone, shall we say, tits up. You could visit the site, you could log into them using the WordPress app, but the damn thing refused to let you log into the dashboard. Something about update.php not existing? Very strange...

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