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While learning more about my discipline (user experience architecture), I discovered that I may have been mislabeling myself. There is a taxonomy matrix of skills / roles that has been developed by MethodBrain, and it doesn’t quite agree with what I thought was applicable.

It is worth marking out the items on it that I can do though…

3 thoughts on “UX Design verticals

  1. Hi Sophie. Assuming you have moderate to high proficiency in the areas you’ve identified, you’ve matured beyond UX Design. Based on what you’ve mapped, UX architecture would be a valid assessment of your breadth. – Nathaniel Davis (Methodbrain)

    1. Hi Nathaniel, thank you, that’s good feedback!
      I’ve always wondered what UXD and UXA have in common and what their differences are. Am now pondering what shape UXA would have on that matrix for instance.
      Found you on twitter in the meantime :) (i’m @eurydice13)

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