If you’re a designer, you have got to read this book!

Time to read: 2 minutes

Bruno Munari, Design as Art

This is by far the most inspiring book I head read in a very long time.

The author, Bruno Munari, an artist, designer and inventor, developed his craft and ideas at the time of the surrealist avant-garde and created all sorts of improbable works like a lamp made from a stocking and useless machines, lightweight mobiles that moved in the wind.

“An engineer cannot be caught writing poetry.”

He argues that Design is linked to art, but that some ephemeral items, meant for larger consumption need to be designed more rather than be a fruit of divine inspiration, as their packaging, production cost, delivery cost and so on will bear in on whether they are successful products.

“What then is this thing called Design if it is neither style nor applied art? It is planning: the planning as objectively as possible of everything that goes to make up the surroundings and atmosphere in which men live today. […] It is planning done without preconceived notions of style, attempting only to give each thing its logical structure and proper material, and in consequence its logical form.”

I cannot do justice to the genius who wrote the words. So I leave you with this excerpt and a recommendation to buy the book (whether kindle or paper) for your personal growth.


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