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    My life evolves around food. I’m Mediterranean, and if I meet a friend, it will be over food. In French, I’d call my friends “copains”, those you share bread with. I’ve had entire city breaks centre around food, and love eating out and discovering new flavours. Other passions are cocktails, ice cream and coffee. This is where I file the reviews of places I eat and drink at.

    Qype: Le Cercle in London

    by  • 1 July 2013 • Food and drink, London • 0 Comments

    This is probably one of the hardest reviews I’ve had to write. Because, ultimately, while the food was pretty good, I don’t think I’d recommend the place, nor would I go back. Why not? A bit too disjoint and French. We are greeted by a lovely guy in a doorway. I’d already heard about...

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    Qype: Sketch Glade in London

    by  • 16 December 2012 • Food and drink • 0 Comments

    If I were to sum up sketch, it would be “a constant surprise”. Between the “marelle” drawn on the floor at the entrance, the fairy forest bar, the delicious cocktails, the nearly alice-in-wonderland main dining room and the borderline clockwork-orange-lookalike egg-shaped toilets… well… sketch simply does not stop surprising you. All I had was...

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    The Caffé series: London coffee chains

    by  • 29 November 2012 • Food and drink • 1 Comment

    So I’ve decided to finally write about where to I find good coffee in London. My first ever caffeine-inspired post is about the top three (four since 2012) coffee chains. I used to hate coffee, down to the smell of it, due to parental associations with cigarettes, wasted time, late nights, and general bad...

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