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    Drawing is my meditation. Learning to properly look at someone, see the shadows, the curves, the seams of their clothes or folds of their flesh… There is nothing more relaxing for me than to let my pencil lovingly caress them, and re-instantiate them, sketchily, on paper. No wonder my favourite life drawing sessions are with burlesque artists.

    “an Agile user story is ready when…” definitions (comic strip version!)

    by  • 29 October 2015 • Agile / scrum, Creativity, Drawing, Productivity, Tech, UX & Design • 0 Comments

    In my most recent job, we are working in Agile. This is something I am unfamiliar with and am having fun learning about. Possibly too much fun. Today, we had people stopping on their way to places just to look at our team’s definitions of “ready”. The chipmunk (I attempted a kitten) asking for...

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