The tweet that cost Voula the Olympics

Time to read: < 1 minute

We’ve all heard about not bashing work on facebook or checking in on foursquare if we’re sick at home… What nobody had heard of before though, was an athlete being kicked off her national team for a joke. A rather racist (no, not racy) joke, but a joke nonetheless. Hell, I smirked when I read it. Had to check the replies to make sure that this was what had created such a fuss! At the risk of being lynched, I’m fairly sure I’ve laughed whole-heartedly at something similar in cartoon style relating to mosquitoes and vintages. Was it Far Side? I don’t remember!

The worse part? Her first tweet dates back to 28th June 2012. Not even a month ago. She should’ve spoken to someone about social media before getting on it. I have a feeling “you are who you follow” didn’t quite help her in this instance.

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