Caravan heaven

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The most unprepossessing entrance to the worst kept secret in London! A brunch fit for… Well… The eclectic foodie.

One of my best friends in the world had just come back from visiting his family back in Greece. He felt guilty and relieved at being back in London. He’d missed the place. And, to be kind, London threw him a big fat party for his return. The sun was shining, and I took him to the best coffee place in London and the best brunch he’s ever had. Several friends asked me how I heard about Caravan. Honestly, I have no idea. Twitter? I just know that I have to tell others. If a tree falls in the woods and all that… If I don’t share, it’s selfish, insufficient, like I’m keeping a dirty secret when the whole world deserves to know about the miracle I have discovered. Now then.


They roast their own. They sell it. And boy, do they know how to brew those divine beans! The espresso is so smooth and unburnt that it doesn’t require sugar! The cappuccino I sip gently is made with slightly flimsy foam, but I forgive them given it’s beautifully decorated and the espresso shots in it are per-fect.



The next thing we ordered was a muffin. When I mention this to people, they wrinkle their nose. You see, it’s a savoury muffin. Yes. Savoury. That means without sugar / fruits / nuts / chocolate, but cheese, green things, maybe some meat… I _adore_ savoury things. In fact, unless you’re talking chocolate / pralines / coffee, count me out of the cake list. Simple as that. Two modest exceptions: Apple cake, and Millefeuille. (Although Ladurée make a to-die-for praline mille-feuille…. oh.. my… goddess…. why did I think of that now?) So yes. Savoury muffin. It was delicious, fluffy, cheesy, slightly meaty, with some veg in for your 5-a-day. Soooo good! In fact I’m itching to trek all the way up to Central Saint Martins’ Granary building (oh, did I not mention Caravan is in the same building? It is! It is!)

Impatient to bite into the delicious-looking savoury muffin


The mind-blowingly delicious savoury muffin. Feta, bacon and spinach, I’d venture…


Then we ordered the main dish. The pièce de résistance. Poached eggs, soutzouk sausage, and aubergine purée. And oodles of parsley. Absolutely delicious! The soutzouk was great, and the eggs absolutely perfect. Poked them, cut the egg, and the gooey yolk spilled into the dish.



Aubergine purée, poached eggs and soutzouk sausages… – Yes, I’m Mediterranean


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