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    The Caffé series: London coffee chains

    by  • 29 November 2012 • Food and drink • 1 Comment

    So I’ve decided to finally write about where to I find good coffee in London. My first ever caffeine-inspired post is about the top three (four since 2012) coffee chains. I used to hate coffee, down to the smell of it, due to parental associations with cigarettes, wasted time, late nights, and general bad...

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    Caravan heaven

    by  • 1 October 2012 • Food and drink, Places to see • 0 Comments

    The most unprepossessing entrance to the worst kept secret in London! A brunch fit for… Well… The eclectic foodie. One of my best friends in the world had just come back from visiting his family back in Greece. He felt guilty and relieved at being back in London. He’d missed the place. And, to...

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