Flat-hunting: i own too much stuff

Time to read: < 1 minute

Months ago, I saw this excellent photo project “Millenials and everything they own“. It consists of a series of photos of people, next to all their stuff. Like this.

So when I started to look for flats, after seeing the first place, my first reaction was to try and figure out what I would need to fit into it. So I drew this.


It bugs me that it isn’t to scale, so I will be re-drawing it at some point. But not yet. First I need to order me some boxes and start packing. I am moving out on the third weekend from now. There’s the next one, then there’s easter, then I’m handing over keys! Eeek!

Maybe in the new place, I will take the time to draw a real illustration of all my stuff, aquarelle it for colour, and put it up on my wall to remind me not to buy more stuff… That, and it’ll keep me at home and occupied one more evening. Two if you count me sitting down and blogging about it.

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