life drawing Tuesday #sketches for #sketchbookMondays

Time to read: 3 minutes Drawing is my meditation. Looking at a human (preferably undressed) for a long period of time and tracing their body onto paper is the only time when my brain quiets down and I take a break from thinking.  When you draw, you cannot think. You must only see. It’s a wonderful feeling, especially for someone […] continue reading »

Sketchbook Mondays: prototyping an A5 folio

Time to read: 2 minutes This weekend, i noticed that i was going to interviews a lot. I mean quite a lot. Three a week? Maybe that was just a one time thing. Anyway. So it occurred to me that maybe i should get myself a nice present. A nice leather present. Maybe the kind that zips up, contains my […] continue reading »

Flat-hunting: i own too much stuff

Time to read: < 1 minute Months ago, I saw this excellent photo project “Millenials and everything they own“. It consists of a series of photos of people, next to all their stuff. Like this. So when I started to look for flats, after seeing the first place, my first reaction was to try and figure out what I would need […] continue reading »