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    by  • 14 March 2013 • Flat-hunting • 0 Comments

    Did you know Foxtons is so beloved it has earned itself a tribute twitter account? It’s called @HateFoxtons, and it collects tweeter’s grievances with the renowned agency. Let’s give it a new morsel? Funny story… As you probably already know, I’m flat-hunting in West London. When I got in touch with Foxtons, the place...

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    Flat-hunting: an iterative process

    by  • 13 February 2013 • Flat-hunting • 0 Comments

    The shortest blog post ever. I have a canned reply for adverts of flats. And I realised today that I’ve edited it nearly every other day a little bit. I’ve also edited my original “I’m looking for a room” post. Here is the updated version. If you’re bored enough, you can compare it to...

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    Flat-hunting stories: the audition

    by  • 26 January 2013 • Flat-hunting • 0 Comments

    I saw my first properly large double room today. I love it. As in really love it. It can actually fit all my clothes and books and things! first reaction But the experience of walking into a room where 5 people were sitting around a table, with a chair very blatantly set up on...

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