Don’t panic, this is an agile experiment!

Diagram of the process
Time to read: < 1 minute

After many months of requests from multiple product owners who never talk to each other (and I am including marketing in that group), we (the design team with me as Head of UX / sole UX person) are finally beginning an experiment with the blessing of our Head of Product!

As of this Friday, all requests to the design team will be going into ONE pile.

The pile will be prioritised in a big chatty session with all “people who need things” to form a stack.

The design team will then size the stack of requests, maybe have a conversation if size will affect priorities, and otherwise pull from the top of the stack, and walk requests through a kanban board. Simple!

I am incredibly excited, and will make popcorn to watch probably facilitate our first prioritisation session.

In the meantime, here is a cheatsheet / diagram of this newfangled process, because I believe it is THE ONE PROCESS TO RULE THEM ALL. Eventually.

Diagram of the processWe will need to refine it, review it, alter it, bash it, colour it, debate it, and over-engineer it before finally finding a version and rules that work for us.

But it’s a good starting point, and we’re definitely heading towards MORE sanity.

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