sketchbook Mondays – laptop work bag

Time to read: < 1 minute A sketch for a handbag inspired by Longchamp’s simple pliage “H” base pattern. Carries laptop in the centre, notebook, kindle, ipad in the “back”, and cables and other tidbits in the front. Handles would be wide for comfort. Longchamp’s laptop bags, to my surprise, value aesthetics over usability and persist in having stringy painful straps. […] continue reading »

sketchbook Monday – handbag contents

Time to read: < 1 minute New goal: post a sneak photo of what went on in my sketchbook the previous week. Today, a simple unpolished sketch of various items that I carry with me every day. They don’t actually fit in the tiny handbag featured. And that’s part of the point of this sketch, to visualise how much stuff I […] continue reading »