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    I promise not to read…

    by  • 8 May 2014 • Books, Controversial topics, Creativity, Drawing, from my notebook, Places to see, Recommendations, Writing • 0 Comments

    I read a lot. I am always reading. Street signs, menus, books on the tube, magazines with my coffee, newspaper headlines as i pass a newsstand. I am a reader.  My favourite escape and one of my favourite pastimes in life is to expose my brain to new experiences, information, emotions and ideas, using...

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    Life drawing – Lisa

    by  • 10 January 2013 • Drawing • 0 Comments

    Went to another life drawing session at Candid Arts in Angel. Lovely as always. Here are my sketches from the evening. Uncensored. I’ve never believed in hiding the human form. It is beautiful as is.

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    Burlesque life drawing – Miss Dolly Blowup

    by  • 24 October 2012 • Drawing • 1 Comment

    The London Life Drawing society runs some very special life drawing sessions with burlesque artists. It’s my favourite drawing subject, the female form, clad in beautiful stockings and sparkly bustiers. I’d definitely recommend it as the best thing to cheer you up on a dreary Tuesday.

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