Twitpic worth £20

Time to read: < 1 minute

I got off the train this morning at London’s waterloo station to be greeted by the cutest car in the world! A lovely morgan (I should’ve known it was a morgan!!) branded in Thomas Pink (pink) Union Jack. So I took a photo and tweeted it. (Thank you, iPhone!)

Later that day, I get a twitter mention from Thomas Pink… “Would you give us your address so we can send you a £20 thank you voucher for tweeting a photo of our Morgan?”. Yes, this is complete and utter bribery. But you see, nobody asked me to tweet the car’s photo. I liked it, I shared it. They noticed, and by thanking me in a way that ensures I visit their shop, they have: a) earned one more client, b) made me remember the car and the brand, and c) I’ll be certain to talk about it to people on and off twitter (say, on a blog, perhaps?) which will increase their brand exposure further. Isn’t it brilliant?

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