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    how disruptive has mobile technology become?

    by  • 7 September 2013 • Mobile, Tech • 1 Comment

    Amusingly perhaps, my topic of choice this week is mobiles, how ubiquitous they have become and how we deal with their interruptions. I decided this on Monday. On Tuesday morning, it was announced that Microsoft would be buying nokia's devices and services. I never expected to be blogging about mobiles and my love of nokia on...

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    070 phone scam

    by  • 17 August 2012 • Randomness • 0 Comments

    So I’m looking to move back to London, and more actively since the announcement of the futher rise of train fares in 2013. I already pay £280/month for my commute. If I could find a flat in zone two, that cost would halve. Of course living in London costs more, but if my rent+council...

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