Flat-hunting: i quit (for now)

Time to read: 2 minutes yet another flat Last night i saw YAF (yet another flat). In fairness, a house. The very large double room was really nice. I’m talking good furniture, space, light green walls, space, south-facing windows, space,… The five housemates lovely. And, most importantly, all of my things would have fit!! yet another no So of course, […] continue reading »

Flathunting with Google

Time to read: < 1 minute I got a recommendation from a colleague for OUTLET, for professional (or rather… LGB) flatshares, where I found an excellent housing prospect! But OUTLET requires a £7.50 subscription to let you contact the advertiser. (EEEP!) So… I used part of the description text to google with, and found the same advert on SpareRoom!! I contacted […] continue reading »