First 2013 picture of Holland Park

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Holland Park, a beautiful London park, has picked up and broadcast my photo as its first photo of the year!

How cool is that?


Here’s the photo that earned the “first photo of 2013” accolade, from my instagram.


See it on Holland Park’s facebook page.

the story

On the first day of 2013, I went for a walk and took some photos. One of them, taken in Holland Park, made it to my instagram photo-of-the-day project.

When I uploaded it, I marked Holland Park as the location it was taken at. Odds are, they are either monitoring the locations via Foursquare/instagram or have a search set up on twitter, as the name of the location shows up in the tweet. When I post on instagram, I auto-cross-post to twitter as well. instagram is a bit of a closed community; not sure that’s a strong point.

They tweeted me to ask my permission to post it, and I agreed, giving them my username on facebook as well.

I also took the same photo with my Rollei 35S, on film, and am now wondering what that might look like. In the meantime, a very dear someone had a spare ricoh RX100, which he’s generously loaned to me to play with and take “proper” photographs with. Genius!

Thank you Holland Park!

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